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    6 Best Cheap Things To Do in Busan, Korea

    Just a 3-hour train ride away from Seoul is the coastal city of Busan— the second largest city in South Korea. Despite being a metropolitan city, the lifestyle in Busan is much more laid back than that of Seoul. It’s most famous for its ̶z̶o̶m̶b̶i̶e̶s̶ beaches and serene hiking spots making it a popular tourist destination during the summer. But no matter the season, there are always plenty of things to do in Busan! Here are 6 of the best cheap things to do in Busan. 1. Visit Gamcheon Culture Village This is by far my most favorite place in the whole of South Korea. Gamcheon Culture Village is like…

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    Korea Budget Travel: 7 Cool Ways To Save on Your Trip

    South Korea is finally gaining more attention after making waves (or hallyu waves) across the world. Although for many, South Korea still remains as kimchi and kpop, it’s definitely way more than that. With its rich culture, colorful quaint villages, unruffled nature, and jaw dropping innovations, South Korea has become one of my favorite countries in Asia. And what better way than to explore it on the cheap? So, here are 7 cool ways to save on your trip for your Korea budget travel! 1. Rent a Hanbok when visiting palaces Hanbok is the traditional attire of South Korea which goes as far back as 1,600 years ago. In the Joseon Dynasty, both…